interior design

There are many ideas people use to make their living space more attractive and inspiring. For those who live smaller houses are confused about the best possible ways to do the interior design at their limited space. Here, we will discuss about some smart ideas to make your smaller space appear bigger and smarter.

There tips are taken from some smart elements the architects and designers consider while creating small spaces. Above these, you can find several smart tips by your own based on the very personalized requirements you have.

Extending the space

If your small room has a scope of outside view, make good use of it. Try to face the living area and the furniture towards the balcony or windows. With this approach, the landscape outside will act as an extension of the inner space. Your windows need not be so larger to create this effect. It is also a smart idea to place a mirror opposite to that view to another illusionary extension of your room.

Locate lights on walls

For small space interior design, light fittings on ceilings may make the space felt shrunken. The best position for lights is on the walls, ideally about 300 mm down the height of the ceiling. The best direction of light is to shine up down the walls and across the ceiling. The spread of light should be across the surfaces than pointing to a single direction.

Indoor air

Quite often time people forget about the air quality of their home when decorating their house. Every human needs air. So don’t forget to get an air purifier that can get rid of the mold, smoke odor and dust. Be sure to check out the review online before buying. Read this review to help yourself choose the best air cleaner for your home at Comfy Home Corner.


Interior designers mostly work on colour and light to create the most ideal spatial sense. For smaller spaces, lighter colours may reflect the light at best to make it felt more spacious. Darker colours and highly decorative wallpapers may further shrink the space by absorbing light. On the other hand, lighter colours enhance the space perception. Check out this 14 paint colors that make your small space feel bigger.

You can also be careful while purchasing furniture for small spaces. Try to buy open-framed tables and chairs, open back style, light frame furniture etc. to get maximum impact.